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Requirements for new and current team members include positive references, two interviews, a background check, necessary documentation, rigorous training, regular check-in meetings, performance reviews, company meetings, and a commitment to upholding Kingdom Cleaning’s company culture.  We currently have a waiting list of prospective employees who want to join as soon as we arrive at each progressive stage of our company’s growth.


The Kingdom Cleaning Team is like a family in that we take our relationships and culture very seriously.  We guard our company atmosphere and friendships by diligently regulating communication, conflict, and attitudes.  We are committed to providing a drama-free, enjoyable work environment by upholding our five core values:

1. Honesty — We are truthful in word and deed, on and off the job.
2. Reliability — We follow through with fulfilling our commitments and promises, making sure our customers know to count on us to deliver the meticulously and consistently clean buildings we promise them.
3. Positivity — We keep our tones and attitudes optimistically upbeat so as to add, not detract, energy from our workplace environment.
4. Respect — We esteem in thought and action our team members, ourselves, and the customers we serve.
5. Genuine Care — We take the time to have thoughtful, caring interactions with all team members and customers, as well as upholding our vested interest in the success and well-being of our customers.  Every interaction, every cleaning, and every response to every request should tell our customers how much we care about them and about our work.


Team members are expected to perform positively and show consistent improvement in four key result areas.

1. Safety — following policies, preventing injuries and accidents, and preserving work places
2. Quality — mastering techniques, cleaning with excellence, and inspecting work for thorough completion
3. Efficiency — working hard, working smart, and working fast
4. Teamwork — collaborating, cooperating, and communicating



He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and has continued learning by devouring books on leadership and business.  Joshua might best be described as a passionate leader, a kind friend, a high extrovert with an unusual ability to focus, and a visionary dreamer with the self-discipline to execute necessary daily tasks.  He and his amazing wife Marina love to have family time with their beautiful 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.  Their favorite activities include hiking, biking, kayaking, traveling, gardening, and learning.



For almost two decades, Joshua Nash has dedicated himself to serving businesses and non-profits.  Besides leading the Kingdom Cleaning team, he has given more than half of his life towards positive activities in his community such as leading youth groups, mentoring teenagers, coaching youth basketball, speaking at youth summer camps, coordinating community work projects, facilitating service events for seniors and single mothers, and donating generously to local and global causes.

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Kingdom Cleaning’s rise to success and distinction began small and obscure.  At nineteen years old, after cleaning a three-story office building every day as part of a year-long volunteer program, I returned to San Luis Obispo to begin college.  A friend promptly persuaded me to clean her company’s office every weekend, and this one cleaning account was the foundational environment where I experimented with innovative cleaning methods, took copious notes on cleaning techniques, and developed unique approaches to efficiently maintaining cleanliness.  Management from her national corporation was impressed, and I soon began receiving unsolicited

referrals that led to more service for more local companies.  I quickly discovered that

my passion for excellent work was a breath of fresh air to many company CEO’s, presidents, and office managers whose offices required a higher level of janitorial service.  Professional images and classy first impressions were reinforced and delivered with my growing expertise and surprisingly high standards; staffs reported increased satisfaction with their clean, tidy desks and overall work environments; and I discovered that business leaders always appreciated my positive energy, problem-solving abilities, and approachable communication style.

After four years of cleaning alone, I carefully made my first hire, unaware that after several years of intense training, he would become a dream-come-true cleaner, manager, and eventually business partner.  Our growing client list soon led us to hire more highly-referred, quality staff members, and repeat and refine our rigorous training process many times over.  A handful of mentors and dozens of books on leadership helped us sustain our snowball of growth, and I am proud to say that we have handled this exponential growth without compromising our high standards.

Thirteen years beyond its obscure beginnings, Kingdom Cleaning has emerged as a distinguishedly high-quality cleaning and sanitation company, standing head and shoulders above industry-standard basic maintenance and janitorial crews.  We have trained many exceptional team members and have partnered with numerous SLO County businesses, and currently clean twenty-five office buildings every week — some small and some very large!  It is time for your workplace to sparkle.  It is time to get classy.  It is time to place your company’s wellbeing in safe and secure hands.  Let us show you the quality of service you’ve been missing out on.  Let’s connect!

— Joshua Nash and the Kingdom Cleaning team



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