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We take responsibility for everything inside your office!

Included in every daily or weekly cleaning visit from Kingdom Cleaning:


We provide a detailed cleaning of every reachable surface, including desks, tables, chairs, furniture, doors, door frames and handles, windowsills, picture frames, light switches, and outdoor furniture and handrails, as well as the monitors, keyboards, mice, mousepads, office phones, printers, lamps, and other equipment situated at personal work stations.


We restock soap, toilet paper, paper towel, toilet seat covers, and other supply dispensers, and detail mirrors, sinks, faucets, drain plugs, counters, stalls, floors, showers, and the inside and outside surfaces of toilets.


We detail sinks, faucets, drain plugs, counters, tables, and microwaves, and touch up stovetops and other appliance surfaces.


We detail baseboards, leaf-blow outdoor decks, vacuum all carpets and rugs, and sweep and mop all hard floors and staircases.  We also provide spot-cleaning of carpet stains at an additional charge.


We empty and reline all trash and recycling cans, and sanitize can interiors as needed.


We bring down spiderwebs, lay down insecticide perimeters around buildings, touch up glass doors and partitions, and are always available to discuss more specialized cleaning needs with every customer.



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Your professional image is a powerful and key ingredient in your long-term success. We deliver highly detailed cleaning and meticulous attention to detail to help your company communicate that its customers and staff alike are in elite, classy, and safe hands, instantly enhancing your clients’ buying experience and leading to increased

sales and secured customer loyalty.  We help you to reinforce your reputation of dedication to quality.


You and your staff deserve the best.  Our consistent and thorough janitorial package helps motivate your staff to focus on achieving results at full capacity and be proud to be at work and represent you.  Watch your profitability increase as tidy workstations encourage your staff to work with optimum productivity.  Watch your staff morale soar.  Watch as excellence remains the common thread throughout your company culture — all because of your investment in your facility’s cleanliness.


A clean and hygienic workplace adds value to your company’s brand, profits, and overall health.  Certain seasons of the year inevitably bring an increased likelihood of your staff missing work due to illness, a risk we minimize by sanitizing all possible germ-spreading areas — from washrooms, break rooms, and personal work stations all the way down to door handles, light switches, and other areas where unsanitary matter is typically left untreated.  A professional service thoroughly covering this area will leave you with the peace of mind to focus on more important work.




Basic maintenance crews empty your trash and run vacuum cleaners.  What we additionally provide that they typically do not is a detailed surface cleaning, floor cleaning, entryway cleaning, and overall attention to detail accomplished by a safe and OSHA-compliant personnel.

The benefits of partnering with a high-quality sanitation and cleaning service like Kingdom Cleaning include a partnership with a provenly reliable and integrity-oriented cleaning service; pricing that’s competitive and fair; increased longevity of your appliances, furnishings, flooring, carpets, paint jobs, and more; and hassle-free relations with our safe and courteous personnel who are extensively trained in advanced cleaning techniques, safety standards, and professional customer service.


San Luis Obispo County has been ranked among the healthiest counties in the United States, but we believe that such health and cleanliness should not be achieved at the expense of the environment.  We are proud to utilize cleaning methods that contribute not only to a healthier workplace, but also a healthier planet.  Here’s how we contribute.

Our innovative and thoughtfully-developed mopping solutions greatly limit water usage and completely eliminate the waste of used mop water.


Microfiber cloth usage eliminates the need for wasteful paper cleaning products.


Microfiber cloths and mop pads are sanitized after every use in Energy Star washing machines and dryers.


Battery-powered leaf blowers clean decks and patios without wasting gas or oil.


Twenty-five solar panels create the entire electric supply of Kingdom Cleaning’s office work, warehouse lighting, electric washer and dryer, battery charging station, and more.


Our vacuums contain allergy- and asthma-reducing HEPA-certified filtration systems, capturing 99.97% of particulates down to 0.3 microns.


Innovative strategies ensure that recycling is maximized and trash is minimized.


Our teams of four carpool in one vehicle on all cleaning shifts, exponentially cutting down on fuel use.


Our green cleaning products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable.


The Kingdom Cleaning business owners are donating new trees and maintenance to a city government-owned property.



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