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SWCA Testimonial


For three decades, SWCA has provided comprehensive environmental planning, regulatory compliance, and natural and cultural resource management services to businesses and government clients across the United States.

I confidently recommend Joshua Nash and his company Kingdom Cleaning for office cleaning services.  Mr. Nash has worked for SWCA Environmental Consultants as our cleaning person for ten years.  Our office consists of two buildings and approximately 5,000 square feet.  During his time working for us, I have found Mr. Nash to be extremely trustworthy, loyal, consistent, committed to timely and clear communication, on-time, on-budget, and to have excellent cleaning standards.


Additionally, on a number of occasions Mr. Nash has brought to my attention items outside of his purview needing to be repaired, and/or weekend/nighttime activities around the office.  I really appreciate having someone of his character who will look out for the office’s best interest when I’m not around.

I consider Mr. Nash’s approach to business to be straightforward and honest and he has always been willing to provide us with additional services when our office has been in a pinch.

If you are considering Mr. Nash for employment and would like to contact me personally, I would be more than willing to discuss qualifications for the position.

— Bill Henry, Office Director

CCC Testimonial


Cayucos Community Church seeks to refresh, renew, and revitalize the spiritual lives of those who have visited or lived on California's Central coast over the last 75 years.

Here is my “Top 10” for Kingdom Cleaning!


1. Professional — Josh knows his field, and his work and presentation are excellent.

2. Reliable — We have never had a situation where the work was not completed as agreed.  I’ve spent time in the past wondering if the work would be done, and I have no concerns about that now.


unnamed (2).jpg

3. Joyful — Josh is friendly, interacts well with anyone he meets on the job, and exudes delight in meeting our cleaning needs.  It’s not just a job.  He does it passionately and happily.  Our success is his success, and he is genuine about that.


4. Serving — There is never a doubt that Josh desires to meet our needs with excellence.  He willingly considers adjustments that serve our needs and allow us to fulfill our mission.  He is attentive to making sure our buildings sparkle and we present a pleasing environment.

5. Approachable — Any time we need to talk about anything, Josh is open, receptive, and takes the necessary time to ensure his service meets our needs.

6. Effective — He does what he says.

7. Thorough — He meets and exceeds expectations.  He knows what needs to be done and gets it done.

8. Integrous — There is no hint of shadiness or cutting corners.  He keeps his commitments.  If needed, he brings things to our attention.  A companion term would be trustworthy.

9. Complaint-free — I’ve learned over the years that those who provide cleaning services get too few compliments.  You know they are doing their job when no one complains.  And for me, it’s a great relief and security that no one complains about the cleanliness of our buildings.

10. Reasonable — Josh provides exceptional work at a fair price.


If you don’t have my drift yet, we are a very satisfied client and delighted to have Kingdom Cleaning provide this service.


— Dale James, Senior Pastor at Cayucos Community Church


MacSuperstore was San Luis Obispo's authorized Apple service provider for over 18 years.

kingdom cleaning MSS1.jpg

I have known Joshua for nearly 20 years and it has been an absolute privilege to watch him grow and serve in the marketplace. Joshua’s heart is to serve and he does it at an expert level, which really comes through while serving local businesses through the cleaning services he provides. We have been using Kingdom Cleaning for over five years at MacSuperstore and are happy with the consistent quality of their service. I highly recommend Josh and the services of Kingdom Cleaning.

— Will McCabe, former Director of Retail Operations

MSI Testimonial


Mid-State Instruments is the United States' leading provider of thermal imaging technology.


Joshua and his company, Kingdom Cleaning, are dependable, reliable, always on time, and they keep our office clean beyond normal standards.  They clean our building like nobody has been there, and that’s what you want, right? I also feel that they are very trustworthy. I feel comfortable enough to give them our alarm configurations, as they enter and exit our building after normal business hours.  They are secure, trustworthy, honest, and a good deal!


— Darryl Mendivil, Founder and Owner

Grace SLO Testimonial


Grace SLO is dedicated to bringing transformative spiritual impact to lives, families, and communities throughout the Central Coast.

I highly recommend Kingdom Cleaning!  They are thorough in their cleaning, responsive to special needs, and very trustworthy.  We are very pleased with their service.


— Debbie Johnston, Business Administrator 


SLO Optometric Center is a leading local provider of optometry services and vision care products.

Kingdom Cleaning, owned by Joshua Nash, is a great cleaning service. Josh has been reliable and trustworthy. It is easy to communicate with Josh. He keeps my office in great condition and is willing to accommodate special cleaning requests as they are needed. I like that he takes pride in his work and is environmentally responsible with the products that he uses. Thank you Joshua for being part of my customer service team by keeping my office clean and comfortable.

kingdom cleaning-2.jpg

— Dr. Amanda Parreira, Owner

Sherwin-Williams Testimonial


Sherwin-Williams provides innovative painting solutions for homeowners, contractors, and more.

Josh and his team are great!  I have worked with him for over a year and the level of service is exceptional.


— Spencer Zuniga, 

Store Manager 



Animal Care Clinic is the largest-staffed animal hospital in San Luis Obispo, dedicated to exemplary veterinary medicine, patient care, and client service.

Everyone at Kingdom Cleaning has been so great to work with. Their attention to detail and quick responses to any request has been fantastic. Unlike any other cleaning company I have worked with before.


— Mercy McClendon, Practice Administrator 


As one of the Central Coast’s largest contemporary art galleries, the Morro Bay Art Center aims to provide an outlet for the region’s artistic and creative voices.

Kingdom Cleaning provides weekly service for the Morro Bay Art Center.  Service is excellent, trustworthy and reliable.  This is important to our business because we are an art gallery where the above attributes are necessary to protect our gallery members’ artwork.  Thank you, Joshua Nash!


— Mimi Whitney-Hafft, former MBAC Vice President and Maintenance Director 

We are extremely satisfied with your services.  You and your staff are always courteous, friendly and reliable. You go out of your way to make sure that our gallery is clean and bright.  After 6 years of using Kingdom Cleaning, we have no desire to change to another company.  Thanks very much.


— K.C. Caldwell, former MBAC President 


The iMechanics team specialized in repairing cracked, broken, and damaged phones, computers, and more.

Here at iMechanics, we love Kingdom Cleaning.​ From little messes to large messes, our shop is always spotless. We love coming into our shop to see dusted countertops and freshly cleaned floors. Kingdom Cleaning has gone above and beyond any expectation I have ever had. I will always recommend Kingdom Cleaning to family and friends. Thanks so much. You guys rock!

— Alex Slem, former iMechanics tech specialist 

I have known Joshua over a year. He has been cleaning my phone repair shop every week during that time. He does an excellent job and I would refer him to anyone. I give him a five-star rating.

— Mitch Rush, former iMechanics manager and lead technician 


Linda K. Harris, CPA provides accounting and tax preparation services to customers and small businesses in Morro Bay, California.

Our office has never looked so clean! Kingdom Cleaners are dependable and trustworthy, plus they do a great job. Josh is easy to communicate with and very professional. We highly recommend Kingdom Cleaning!


— Linda Harris, owner 

Josh and his team are a joy to work with. Always professional, always responsive, always following up to ensure they're doing a good job (which they are). And an amazing value as well. Hire them!


— Mike Phillips 

Kingdom Cleaning is the best professional cleaning service around. As a business leader and owner, myself, I can recognize when business leaders and their team members have sincere passion for what they do and the people they serve. Josh is a remarkable individual and he is using their work to make a difference in SLO County. With COVID-19 and the current need for deeper sanitation, your company will not go wrong with Kingdom Cleaning.


— Brent Langford 

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